Albert Schweitzer The Quest of the Historical Jesus

Albert Schweitzer The Quest of the Historical Jesus

In this groundbreaking work that made his reputation as a theologian, Albert Schweitzer traces the search for the historical person of Jesus (apart from the Christ of faith) and puts forward his own view of Jesus as an apocalyptic figure who preached a radical message of the coming of the Kingdom of God. Though Schweitzer's own proposals about Jesus no longer command assent, his lasting contribution, comprising the bulk of the book, is the critique of his predecessors. Through examining the works of more than 50 18th- and 19th-century authors and scholars, he shows conclusively that each historical reconstruction of Jesus was largely a fantasy made in their own self-image.Schweitzer's work has proved the touchstone for all subsequent quests for the «Jesus of history.» It also contributed in no small measure to the remarkable resurgence in Jesus studies in the latter part of the 20th century, which culminated in the much publicized and highly controversial findings of the Jesus Seminar.

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Albert Lindemann S. A History of Modern Europe. From 1815 to the Present

A History of Modern Europe surveys European history from the defeat of Napoleon to the twenty-first century, presenting major historical themes in an authoritative and compelling narrative. Concise, readable single volume covering Europe from the early nineteenth century through the early twenty-first century Vigorous interpretation of events reflects a fresh, concise perspective on European history Clear and thought-provoking treatment of major historical themes Lively narrative reflects complexity of modern European history, but remains accessible to those unfamiliar with the field

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Brian Joseph The Handbook of Historical Linguistics

The Handbook of Historical Linguistics provides a detailed account of the numerous issues, methods, and results that characterize current work in historical linguistics, the area of linguistics most directly concerned with language change as well as past language states. Contains an extensive introduction that places the study of historical linguistics in its proper context within linguistics and the historical sciences in general Covers the methodology of historical linguistics and presents sophisticated overviews of the principles governing phonological, morphological, syntactic, and semantic change Includes contributions from the leading specialists in the field

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Paine Albert Bigelow The Van Dwellers: A Strenuous Quest for a Home

Charles A. Wilson Inventing Christic Jesuses, Volume 1

Inventing Christic Jesuses is the first comprehensive proposal for how revisionist theology can deploy historical Jesus research in a methodologically sophisticated way. Rejecting positions that insulate theology from Jesus research, the proposal sets out warrants and rules for a quested Christology in dialogue with an analysis of the conduct of historians of Jesus from the period of the Third Quest (c. 1980-2010). The volume Method analyzes for theology the methods and values of historical research on Jesus. It argues that the methodic construction of historical images of Jesus in conversation with sources is simultaneously a retrojective activity of value production. First, in defining the terms of the inquiry, Wilson locates a middle ground between hostility to questing and a too-ready application of historical results to Christology. He then identifies rules and warrants for the deployment of Jesus research in theology and reconstructs the notion of the retrojection of value in the production of a historical Jesus. The volume ends with a case study of retrojective Jesus production, an analysis and assessment of the new notion that Jesus is a sage in the tradition of wisdom.

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Группа авторов A Companion to Global Historical Thought

A Companion to Global Historical Thought provides an in-depth overview of the development of historical thinking from the earliest times to the present, across the world, directly addressing the issues of historical thought in a globalized context. Provides an overview of the development of historical thinking from the earliest times to the present, across the world, through essays written by a team of leading international scholars Complements the Companion to Western Historical Thought, placing non-Western perspectives on historiography at the center of the discussion Explores the different historical traditions that have shaped the discipline, and the challenges posed by modernity and globalization

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Don Schweitzer Jesus Christ for Contemporary Life

Jesus Christ for Contemporary Life is an understanding of Jesus as the Word of God, grounded in what can be known historically of Jesus and informed by subsequent reflection upon him, which hopes to help shape a Christian identity characterized by «bounded openness.» In Jesus Christ for Contemporary Life, Don Schweitzer explores the significance of the person, work, and relationships of Jesus Christ for contemporary life. He moves from the historical Jesus to the present in three parts. In the first part Schweitzer develops an understanding of Jesus as the Word of God, who became incarnate to give the goodness and beauty of God further expression in time and space. Second, he explores how various atonement theories articulate ways in which Jesus empowers people to further express this beauty and goodness in their own lives. And finally, Schweitzer explores how Jesus relates to people in the church, to the events and movements in history, to other religions, and to Christians in their dialogue with God in prayer.

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Darrell Schweitzer The Threshold of Forever: Essays and Reviews

Darrell Schweitzer's third collection of essays and reviews, a successor to the well-received «Windows of the Imagination» and «The Fantastic Horizon,» is a balanced mixture of scholarship and entertainment, ranging over the entire spectrum of imaginative literature, from the oldest novel in the world (1st century B.C.) to classic (and not-so-classic) pulp fiction, to childhood reading, to examinations of the works of such masters as H.P. Lovecraft, M.R. James, Robert Bloch, Stanley Weinbaum, John W. Campbell, and Thomas M. Disch. In between we encounter such surprising topics as a proposal for an H.P. Lovecraft biopic («The Whole Wide Lovecraft»), the eccentricities of William Beckford (the author of Vathek), and even a report from Blobfest, an annual street fair devoted to the famous 1958 cult film, at which Schweitzer, as a member of the press, was allowed to touch the original Blob. Many of these pieces have been published in the prestigious «The New York Review of Science Fiction.» <P> "Schweitzer writes in an informative style that’s knowledgeable, witty, and high accessible. This is the finest kind of criticism – it makes you want to read more, both of the critic's own prose and that of the writers he’s discussing. Highly recommended!" – Robert Reginald.<P> Darrell Schweitzer is a novelist, short-story, writer and critic, a former editor of the legendary «Weird Tales» magazine, and a four-time World Fantasy Award finalist and one-time winner. His previous book of essays, «The Fantastic Horizon,» was a finalist for the Mythopoeic Award.

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Margery Allingham The Case of the Late Pig (Albert Campion #8)

A highly unpleasant old schoolfellow of Albert Campion's manages to get himself murdered—twice.

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Albert Schweitzer – Wikipedia

Ludwig Philipp Albert Schweitzer (* 14. Januar 1875 in Kaysersberg bei Colmar, Elsaß-Lothringen; † 4. September 1965 in Lambaréné, Gabun) war ein deutsch-französischer Arzt, Philosoph, evangelischer Theologe, Organist, Musikwissenschaftler und Pazifist. Er gilt als einer der bedeutendsten Denker des 20.

Albert Schweitzer - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

Ludwig Philipp Albert Schweitzer, MD, OM, (14 January 1875 – 4 September 1965) was a French-German theologian, musician, philosopher and physician. He was born in Kaysersberg (Alsace), at the time a part of the German Empire. He wrote books about music and religion. He started a famous hospital in Lambarene, Africa.

Albert Schweitzer - Wikipedia

Ludwig Philipp Albert Schweitzer OM (German: [ˈalbɛʁt ˈʃvaɪ̯t͡sɐ] (); 14 January 1875 – 4 September 1965) was an Alsatian polymath.He was a theologian, organist, writer, humanitarian, philosopher, and physician. A Lutheran, Schweitzer challenged both the secular view of Jesus as depicted by the historical-critical method current at this time, as well as the traditional Christian view.

Albert Schweitzer - Facts - NobelPrize.org

The expression "reverence for life" is the key to Albert Schweitzer's personal philosophy. No person must ever harm or destroy life unless absolutely necessary. This attitude permeated everything he did. Schweitzer was born in Alsace in the then German Empire.

Albert Schweitzer | Alsatian-German theologian and ...

Albert Schweitzer, (born Jan. 14, 1875, Kaysersberg, Upper Alsace, Ger. [now in France]—died Sept. 4, 1965, Lambaréné, Gabon), Alsatian-German theologian, philosopher, organist, and mission doctor in equatorial Africa, who received the 1952 Nobel Prize for Peace for his efforts in behalf of “the Brotherhood of Nations.”

Albert Schweitzer Biography - Facts, Childhood, Family ...

Albert Schweitzer was a German born French theologian, organist, philosopher, physician, and medical missionary. His founded the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné, now in Gabon, west central Africa (then French Equatorial Africa).

Short life history: Albert Schweitzer - Albert Einstein

Albert Schweitzer was born as the second child of a priest’s family in Kaysersberg. Some months after his birth the family moved to Guensbach where Albert’s father worked as a priest until his death. Albert attended elementary school there, followed by secondary school in Muenster and college in Muehlhausen. On June 18, 1893 he made his A-levels there. As a child he received a very good ...

Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1965) - Genealogy

Albert Schweitzer (14 January 1875 – 4 September 1965) was a Franco-German (Alsatian) theologian, organist, philosopher, physician, and medical missionary. He was born in Kaysersberg in the province of Alsace-Lorraine, in the German Empire.

Biografie | Albert Schweitzer Heute

Albert Schweitzer: Frühe Jahre und Ausbildung Am 14. Januar 1875 im elsässischen Kaysersberg geboren, wuchs Schweitzer im ländlichen Günsbach (Nähe Colmar) auf, wo sein Vater als Pfarrer wirkte. Nach Schule und Abitur studierte er ab 1893 Theologie und Philosophie an der Universität Straßburg.

Schweitzers Spital in Lambarene | Albert Schweitzer Heute

Was ist das Schweitzer-Spital in Lambarene? 1913 gründete Albert Schweitzer mit seiner Frau Helene auf der Missionsstation der Pariser Evangelischen Mission in Andende (Lambarene) ein Spital für die unter vielen Krankheiten leidende afrikanische Bevölkerung der Region.

Wer war Albert Schweitzer? - WAS IST WAS

Albert Schweitzer in Gabun mit dem befreundeten Arzt Dr. Theodor Binder. Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben Sein philosophisches Denken lässt sich an seinen Vorträgen über die Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben erklären. Es basiert auf dem Grundsatz: Ich bin Leben, das leben will, inmitten von Leben, das leben will. Schweitzer wollte, dass sich ein jeder bewusst wird, dass seine Mitmenschen, wie auch jedes Tier ...

Albert Schweitzer - Biographical - NobelPrize.org

Schweitzer entered into his intensive theological studies in 1893 at the University of Strasbourg where he obtained a doctorate in philosophy in 1899, with a dissertation on the religious philosophy of Kant, and received his licentiate in theology in 1900.

Zitate von Albert Schweitzer (146 Zitate) | Zitate ...

Ludwig Philipp Albert Schweitzer war ein deutsch-französischer Arzt, Philosoph, evangelischer Theologe, Organist und Pazifist. Schweitzer gründete ein Krankenhaus in Lambaréné im zentralafrikanischen Gabun. Er veröffentlichte theologische und philosophische Schriften, Arbeiten zur Musik, insbesondere zu Johann Sebastian Bach, sowie autobiographische Schriften in zahlreichen und ...

Albert Schweitzer | Discography | Discogs

Albert Schweitzer. Real Name: Albert Schweitzer. Profile: German-born French theologian, musician, philosopher, physician and medical missionary, born 14 January 1875 in Kaysersberg, Upper-Alsace, German Empire (today Haut-Rhin département, France) and died 4 September 1965 in Lambaréné, Gabon. OM - Order of Merit. He was awarded the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize in 1953. Sites: albert-schweitzer ...

Albert Schweitzer - Ein Leben für Afrika - Film 2009 ...

Albert Schweitzer - Ein Leben für Afrika ein Film von Gavin Millar mit Jeroen Krabbe, Barbara Hershey. Inhaltsangabe: 1949, zu Zeiten des Kalten Krieges: Als Albert Schweitzer (Jeroen Krabbé ...

70 Inspiring Quotes By Albert Schweitzer On Gratitude ...

Albert Schweitzer was a venerable French-German writer, humanitarian, medical missionary, theologian, physician, organist and philosopher. He was the founder of Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Gabon. He is also renowned for being an organist and music scholar. He studied the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, a German composer and also greatly influenced the Organ Reform Movement. In 1952 ...

Gesundheit • Albert Schweitzer Stiftung

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Albert Schweitzer: Amazon.de: DVD & Blu-ray

Albert Schweitzer's life had so many distinct chapters, each chapter providing a solid foundation for each succeeding chapter. Those who produced this documentary showcase Albert Schweitzer's passion to make a positive difference in the lives of others and the thoughtful planning and disciplined effort he engaged in, with the help of many others, decade after decade, to fulfill his mission. I ...

Albert Schweitzer (Author of The Quest of the Historical ...

Albert Schweitzer, M.D., OM, was an Alsatian theologian, musician, philosopher, and physician. He was born in Kaisersberg in Alsace-Lorraine, a Germanophone region which the German Empire returned to France after World War I. Schweitzer challenged both the secular view of historical Jesus current at his time and the traditional Christian view, depicting a Jesus who expected the imminent end of ...

Albert Schweitzer - Amazon.de

Der junge Theologieprofessor Albert Schweitzer brach im Jahre 1905 seine akademische Karriere ab, studierte Medizin und schiffte sich 1913 nach Afrika ein, um im Dienst der französischen Missionsgesellschaft im Urwald Äquatorialafrikas eine medizinische Station aufzubauen. 1920 verfaßte er seinen berühmten Bericht "Zwischen Wasser und Urwald" über die ersten Jahre in Lambarene.

Umwelt • Albert Schweitzer Stiftung

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Albert Schweitzer | Film 1957 | Moviepilot.de

Dokumentarischer Film über das Leben des im Elsass geborenen Friedensnobelpreisträgers Albert Schweitzer, der sich insbesondere - aber nicht nur - durch seinen Einsatz als Mediziner in Afrika einen...

Home - AISL - Association Internationale Dr Albert ...

Maison Albert Schweitzer Visiting a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate In his house in Günsbach you can discover and get to know both Albert Schweitzer, the man, and the ethical legacy he bequeathed to us. But above all, at this house, we are concerned to keep this legacy alive and relevant to us today and to allow ourselves to be inspired by it.

GMS Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer. Tel: 03471 - 684600110. Fb. Ig. Folg uns auf × Home Schulleben. Über uns weiterführende Schule Oberstufe Produktives Lernen Berufsbildung Ganztag. Unterricht Arbeitsgemeinschaften 20/21 Schulische Angebote 20/21 Projekte Schülerfirmen. Cafe Relaxx Traumfabrik Auszeichnungen Förderverein Termine Galerie. Bilder Video Partner. Ko-Partner Partnerschulen Downloads ...

Albert Schweitzer (1957) - IMDb

Directed by Jerome Hill. With Burgess Meredith, Fredric March, Albert Schweitzer, Helene Schweitzer. This biographical drama/documentary narrative written by Dr. Albert Schweitzer and spoken by Fredric March, traces the life of Dr. Schweitzer (with actors playing the characters), from his birth in France up to about the age of 30 when he makes the decision to go to French Equatorial Africa and ...

Albert Schweitzer - Biografie WHO'S WHO

Albert Schweitzer wurde am 14. Januar 1875 in Kayserberg im Elsass als Kind eines Pfarrers geboren. Aufgewachsen ist er im elterlichen Pfarrhaus. Bereits in jungen Jahren erlernte er dort das Orgelspiel und im Laufe seines Lebens wurde er ein hervorragender Spieler. Nach dem Abschluss der Schule mit Abitur wurde er Soldat der deutschen Armee. Ab 1893 bis 1898 studierte er an den Universitäten ...

Internationaler Albert-Schweitzer-Preis – Wikipedia

Der Internationale Albert-Schweitzer-Preis (Prix International Albert Schweitzer, International Albert Schweitzer Award) wird seit 2011 alle drei Jahre in Königsfeld im Schwarzwald, dem zeitweiligen Wohnort der Eheleute Albert Schweitzer und Helene Bresslau (1923–1933), „für herausragendes humanistisches Engagement im Sinne Albert Schweitzers“ verliehen.

Albert Schweitzer – Secret Wiki

Albert Schweitzer war ein deutscher Arzt, Philosoph, evangelischer Theologe, Organist, Musikwissenschaftler und Friedensforscher. In diesem Artikel findest du eine kurzen Lebenslauf über Albert Schweitzer und Einblicke in seine Ethik. Du liest, wie Schweitzer entschieden vor der Nutzung der Atomkraft warnte, und wie sein Schaffen heutzutage über Stiftungen und Filme gewürdigt wird ...

Albert Schweitzer - Wikipedia

Albert Schweitzer (n. 14 ianuarie 1875, Kaysersberg, Alsacia - d. 4 septembrie 1965, Lambarén é, Gabon) a fost un medic misionar, teolog protestant, muzician și filozof german. A fost una dintre cele mai complexe și impresionante personalități ale secolului XX. [judecată de valoare] În 1952 a primit Premiul Nobel pentru Pace. Biografie Tinerețea. Albert Schweitzer s-a născut într-o ...

Albert Schweitzer - Home | Facebook

Albert Schweitzer, Gunsbach Alsace (Frankreich). 494 likes · 7 talking about this. Internationalen Albert Schweitzer Vereinigung (AISL) Die Aufgabe der AISL ist es, über das Leben und das Werk von...

Home | Albert-Schweitzer-Schule Gießen

Albert Schweitzer Schule Gießen- Förderschule Lernen » Mehr erfahren. Upcycling mit Glas BO 3 & 4 » Schüler:innen der BO3 & 4 haben Glaskunst hergestellt. Die Künstler:innen der M1 haben schon den Kalender für 2021 fertig- wunderschön! Die Albert Infos zur Schule » Mehr erfahren . Wir sind Albert Mitarbeiter:innen & Zuständigkeiten » Mehr erfahren. Aktuelles An der Albert gibt es ...

Albert Schweitzer - Academic dictionaries and encyclopedias

Tomaso Carnetto: Albert Schweitzer: Tatsachen. Eine Einführung in Leben und Werk. CD-ROM für Windows und Mac mit Textband, Verlag P12c, 2002, ISBN 3-933176-03-4. Nils Ole Oermann: Albert Schweitzer 1875-1965: Eine Biographie. CH Beck, München 2009, ISBN 978-3-406-59127-3. Harald Steffahn: Albert Schweitzer.

28 Albert Schweitzer-Ideen in 2021 | albert schweitzer ...

14.02.2021 - Erkunde Silvias Pinnwand „Albert Schweitzer“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu albert schweitzer, persönlichkeiten, albert schweitzer zitate.

Albert Schweitzer: Arzt, Philosoph und ...

Der am 14. Januar 1875 geborene Albert Schweitzer war eine weltweit geachtete moralische Instanz. 1952 wurde dem "Urwaldarzt" der Friedensnobelpreis zuerkannt. In der DDR trugen Krankenhäuser und ...

Albert Schweitzer Familienwerk - Home | Facebook

Albert Schweitzer Familienwerk, Uslar. 315 likes · 22 talking about this. Das Albert-Schweitzer-Familienwerk e.V. bietet individuelle Hilfen für Kinder und Jugendliche, alte, kranke und behinderte...

Kinderdorf, um Kindern zu helfen | Albert-Schweitzer ...

Das Albert-Schweitzer-Familienwerk Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e. V. verwirklicht das Recht junger Menschen auf Erziehung und Förderung zu einer eigenverantwortlichen und gemeinschaftsfähigen Persönlichkeit. In unseren Kinderdörfern und durch unsere weiteren sozialen Angebote bieten wir den betreuten Kindern und Jugendlichen sowie deren Familien Schutz und Geborgenheit! Zeit, Weg und Ziel ...

Wechsel „unter einem Dach“ – Nadja Fischer geht zum Albert ...

Das Albert-Schweitzer -Familienwerk e. V. ist eine der rund 870 Mitgliedsorganisationen des Paritätischen Wohlfahrtsverbandes in Niedersachsen, davon 50 im Einzugsbereich des Paritätischen Celle ...

Albert Schweitzer - Alemannische Wikipedia

De Albert Schweitzer (* 14.Januar 1875 ze Kayserschbari – bi Còlmer – ém Owerelsass, (domols Ditsches Riich); † 4. Septemb´r 1965 ze Lambaréné, Gabun-Äquatorialafrika) isch evangelisch´r Theologe un Pfàrrer, Organischt un Müsikforscher, Philosoph un Philantrop, Dokter un Humanischt sowij Träjer vum Nobelpris f´r Friide gwe.. Mét´m Ànfang vum Erschte Weltkriej sin de Albert ...

Albert Schweitzer - YouTube

Albert Schweitzer, J.S.Bach: Fantasy and Fugue G-mol, BWV542 by drnespor. 6:11. Dr. Albert Schweitzer - Part 1 of 8 by DianeDi. 9:18. Creative Quotations from Albert Schweitzer for Jan 14 by ...

Albert Schweitzer Schule – Oer-Erkenschwick

Albert Schweitzer Schule in Oer-Erkenschwick. Liebe Eltern, die OGS-Betreuung muss am Rosenmontag, 15.02.2021, und am Veilchendienstag, 16.02.2021, in der Ewaldschule stattfinden, da in der Albert-Schweitzer-Schule die komplette Heizungsanlage ausgefallen ist! Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis! Mit freundlichen Grüßen . gez. Tina Reinicke

Albert Schweitzer – Wikipédia

Schweitzer levelezésének nagy részét Gunsbachban őrzik, az Albert-Schweitzer-Központban. A zürichi könyvtárban fénymásolatban megtalálható ez a levelezési anyag. Rendkívüli kivételnek számít, hogy egy 20. századi személyiség majdnem teljes írásos hagyatékát egyetlen helyen őrzik.

Waldkindergarten Lenggries Auenland | Albert Schweitzer

Bei Interesse senden Sie bitte eine E-Mail an [email protected] Wir senden Ihnen dann einen ZOOM-Link zur Teilnahme am Infoabend zu. Die Anmeldung für das Kindergartenjahr 2021/2022 findet im Zeitraum vom 01. – 05. März 2021 statt. Bitte vereinbaren Sie einen Termin zur Einschreibung mit dem Kindergartenleiter Sepp Kellner 0170/2705177. Hier finden Sie das ...

Start - Albert-Schweitzer-Schule Ibbenbüren

Schulanmeldungen zum Schuljahr 2021/22 an der Albert-Schweitzer-Schule. Liebe Eltern der kommenden Schulneulinge, Kinder, die im Zeitraum vom 01.10.2014 bis zum 30.09.2015 geboren wurden, werden zum 01.08.2021 schulpflichtig. Die Schulanmeldungen der Kinder werden am Mittwoch, 04.11.2020 und Donnerstag, 05.11.2020 entgegengenommen.

Startseite | Albert-Schweitzer-Schule in Lübeck

Albert-Schweitzer-Schulstart im Frühjahr 2021 im neuen Gebäude „Wer will fleißige Handwerker sehn`, der muss zur Albert-Schweitzer gehn`!“ ertönte es noch vor einem Jahr freudig anlässlich der Grundsteinlegung für den Neubau der Albert-Schweitzer-Schule. Im Frühjahr wird das neue Gebäude im Herzen von St. Gertrud fertiggestellt sein, sodass dann vor allem die Grundschüler:innen in ...

Wochenpläne - MS Albert Schweitzer

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Albert-Schweitzer-Schule • Offene Ganztagsgrundschule. Telefon: 0541 / 323-81000 • Fax: 0541 / 323-81099 • [email protected]

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Albert Moll The Sexual Life of the Child

Edgar Berman In Africa with Schweitzer

Dr. Edgar Berman was In Africa with Schweitzer as a member of the venerated doctor's surgical team in Lambarene. There, he was about to delve into Schweitzer's psyche, his personality, his rationale. He would ask and answer: why would a world famous physician maroon himself in the jungles of Africa: Why would an intellectual with doctorates in four disciplines choose a primitive, isolated life?Albert Schweitzer was feared, held in awe, placed on a pedestal and derided. Dr. Berman's diary, the germ of this remarkable account, was painstakingly written over months of living with Schweitzer, eating with him, listensing to his music, learning his philosophy and working with him in the nearby prehistoric operating room, an aging arena where all life was sacred. Berman provides us with a moving, in-depth portrait of one of this century's most remarkable men and of the provocative writer-physician who sought him out.

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Albert Pollard The Age of the Reformation

Lyman C.D. Kulathungam The Quest

The human spirit seems incapable of being stagnant, ever pushing the boundaries of knowledge and experience. We try to understand life through questions regarding our own existence, the nature of the universe, and the nature of God. The question of our collective heart is the external manifestation of an internal longing–a quest, if you will. This thirst to understand reality can be seen in superstructures that are scientific, social, political, and especially religious.
When considering the doctrines, institutions, and rituals of religions, we observe certain core aspirations expressed by the people of these communities. These aspirations generate from an underlying quest which seeks a way out of our perceived predicament: a salvific quest. Regardless of whether we view ourselves as religious, pre-religious, post-religious, or non-religious, we find ourselves involved in such a quest; it seems to be an integral part of our human personhood.
Using a unique framework of analysis, this book explores Christ's relevance to the quest expressed by the communities of eight major living religions–a relevance that neither degrades Christ nor demeans other «saviors.» Christ is not part of the human quest, but is well equipped to satisfy that quest.

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Anonymous The Quest of the Holy Grail (The High History of the Holy Graal)

Here is the tale of the search for the Holy Grail, the vessel that received the blood of Christ upon the day of his Crucifixion. This anonymous story is thought to be a continuation of the French trouvère Chrétien de Troyes' unfinished «Perceval, The Story of the Grail.» Written sometime in the early 13th century, this Arthurian Romance remains unique for its high amount of allegorical mysticism and use of Celtic lore. Our hero Perceval here goes through various toils and trials in his continued search for the Holy Grail. An important piece of the Arthurian canon, «The Quest for the Holy Grail» adds to the rich world of King Arthur's court. Again we meet Gawain, Lancelot, and Galahad, as their quest for divinity moves forth.

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Valery Pikulev Mysteries of The St.Petersburg suburbs: Kroniort’s gold. Historical photostory

Documentary and art historical photostory. By historical reconstruction covers drama events of the past: release of the northwest lands of Russia from the Swedish occupation (1703) also describes search of gold treasury of the Swedish general Abraham Kroniort near the northern suburb of St. Petersburg – Sestroretsk.Based on the real facts, with a set of color photos (more than 60), the story opens as well history of the city of Sestroretsk – from the birth and up to now.

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Rares G. Piloiu The Quest for Redemption

The Quest for Redemption: Central European Jewish Thought in Joseph Roth's Works by Rares Piloiu fills an important gap in Roth scholarship, placing Roth's major works of fiction for the first time in the context of a generational interest in religious redemption among the Jewish intellectuals of Central Europe. In it, Piloiu argues that Roth's challenging, often contradictory and ambivalent literary output is the result of an attempt to recast moral, political, and historical realities of an empirically observable world in a new, religiously transfigured reality through the medium of literature. This diegetic recasting of phenomenological encounters with the real is an expression of Roth's belief that, since the self and the world are in a continuing state of crisis, issuing from their separation in modernity, a restoration of their unity is necessary to redeem the historical existence of individuals and communities alike. Piloiu notes, however, that Roth's enterprise in this is not unique to his work, but rather is shared by an entire generation of Central European Jewish intellectuals. This generation, disillusioned by modernity's excessive secularism, rationalism, and nationalism, sought a radical solution in the revival of mystical religious traditions-above all, in the Judaic idea of messianic redemption. Their use of the Chasidic notion of redemption was highly original in that it stripped the notion of its original theological meaning and applied it to the secular experience of reality. As a result, Roth's [/i]quest for redemption[i] is a quest for a salvation of the individual not outside, but within, history.

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Albert Taylor Bledsoe An Examination of President Edwards' Inquiry into the Freedom of the Will

Altsheler Joseph Alexander The Quest of the Four: A Story of the Comanches and Buena Vista

Charles A. Wilson Inventing Christic Jesuses: Rules and Warrants for Theology

In the first comprehensive proposal for revisionist theology's deployment of historical Jesus research, Inventing Christic Jesuses rejects positions that insulate theology from Jesus research. By setting out theological methods, warrants, and rules, in dialogue with an analysis of the Jesus historians of the Third Quest (c. 1980-2010), the study charts a path toward a quested christology positioned between categorical rejection and uncritical acceptance of historical results on Jesus. Volume 1, Method, analyzes the methods and values of historical research on Jesus and identifies the retrojective activity of value production when historians, in conversation with historical sources, invent images of Jesus.
Volume 2, Christological Recommendations, gathers potential contributions of Jesus research for revisionist theology according to the cataphatic, apophatic, and eminent pattern of classical theology. By attending to the limits and opportunities afforded by historical research, both negative and positive, the argument retrieves for theology the complex way that historians shape same and different, association and dissociation in the production of their Jesuses. Then it analyzes how values shape Jesuses in a pervasive Narcissus project to invent a self (and a community) through imaging Jesus. Proposing that the disciplined invention of Jesuses is highly useful for theology, the book ends with recommendations for a quested christology.

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