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Shaolin Kung Fu: Nine Section Double Whip

Kung Fu Master Su Tong Yu Nine Section Whip Demonstration - Duration: 1:39. Cameron Steadman 2,392 views. 1:39. Chain Whip for Beginners! - Duration: 5:10. ...

Nine Section Chain Whip is the hardest weapons to master ...

The nine section chain whip is one of those weapons that looks amazing but it’s hard to imagine how people would fight with them. Even so, the modern Wushu Kung Fu practitioners these days do some amazing feats as do the Shaolin Temple Monks. This is not an easy weapon to learn so take it easy at the beginning.

Kung Fu Nine section Whip Shaolin Martial Arts Beginner ...

Nine-section whip is one of the martial arts soft instruments. In the current martial arts competition, it belongs to: soft instruments. Used as a hidden weapon in ancient times, it can be wrapped around the waist or folded and carried, which is convenient to use.


The Shaolin 9 Section Chain Whip Master Kongling All, Weapons advanced training 0 There are two versions of this chain, a lighter one (usually used in wushu exhibitions) and a heavier one used to all effects as a weapon.

9 sectional steel Whip (Light or Youth) - BEIJING IMPORTS

Fist 100% Cotton Twill Kung Fu Pants #570. $28.00. Add to cart. Original Competition Darn Gim (Jian) #210. $165.00 $99.00. Add to cart. 9 sectional steel Whip (Light or Youth) 2 product reviews $59.00. Product Description. 9 sectional steel Whip Light or Youth Easily concealable and flexible. Youth wt. (8.2oz) - 50" (4'2") Light wt.(8.8oz) - 58" (4'10") Item #484 Ship by UPS or USPS *Inspect ...

Tiger Claw » Weapons » Kung Fu Weapons » Whip Chains » 9 ...

9 Section Whip Chain Our Whip Chains are available in Seven or Nine Sections with a choice of lightweight Wushu steel or heavier combat steel.

Chinese kung-fu girl 中國功夫女孩練九節鞭Nine-section Whip : kungfu

Chinese kung-fu girl 中國功夫女孩練九節鞭Nine-section Whip. Close • Posted by 1 hour ago. Chinese kung-fu girl 中國功夫女孩練九節鞭Nine-section Whip. youtu.be/fz2Han... 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! View Entire Discussion (0 ...

Steel Chain Whip - Heavy Whip Chain - Kung Fu Chain ...

Then there's the nine section whip that weighs almost a pound and can reach 56" away. The major factor in choosing one or the other is how far you want to reach. Kung Fu Chain Whip Highlights: 3.5" Metal Rods Joined by Rings

Kung fu Chain Whip - Total Martial Art Supplies

Kung fu Chain Whip, Nine Sectional Whip, Total Martial Art Supplies, Three Sectional Chain Whip, A great Selection of Quality Kung fu Chain Whip . Phone: (610) 805-4835. Register ; Log in; Shopping cart (0) Wishlist (0) You have no items in your shopping cart. Home page; New products; Search; My account; Blog; Contact us; Categories. Martial arts Weapons Escrima & Arnis Sticks Combat Canes Bo ...

Martial Arts Weapons, Night Sticks, Nine Section whip ...

Nine Section Whip Chain Made of Lightweight Steel. Regarded by some as one of the primary weapons of China, small enough to easily conceal but deadly... Regarded by some as one of the primary weapons of China, small enough to easily conceal but deadly...

Kung Fu - Shaolin Simen nine-section Whip: Amazon.de: DVD ...

Amazon.de - Kaufen Sie Kung Fu - Shaolin Simen nine-section Whip günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen Blu-ray- und DVD-Auswahl – neu und gebraucht.

Chain whip - Wikipedia

The chain whip is a weapon used in some Chinese martial arts, particularly traditional Chinese disciplines, in addition to modern and traditional wushu.It consists of several metal rods, which are joined end-to-end by rings to form a flexible chain. Generally, the whip has a handle at one end and a metal dart, used for slashing or piercing an opponent, at the other.

Kung-fu Kingdom - Nine Section Whip Chain | Facebook

A great looking but difficult weapon to master, have you practiced with the Nine Section Whip Chain?

Martial Arts Nine Section Whip Training Whip Kung Fu Steel ...

Chinese Martial Arts Shaolin Stainless Steel Nine Section Whip Kung Fu(142cm) $49.00 + $29.00 shipping . Martial Arts Training Whip Meteor Gall Stainless Steel Meteor Whip Unicorn Whip. $36.00 + $19.00 shipping . Martial Arts Stainless Steel Buddha Bead Wrist Guard and Kung Fu Steel Whip. $16.90 + $9.90 shipping . Martial Arts Stainless Steel Vehicle Tactics Cool Stick Kung Fu Hand Stick. $49 ...

Martial Arts Wushu Weapons, Equiment, Wushu long Poles ...

Kung Fu Double Meteor Flying weight £29.99. Meteor hammer, known as flying hammer, is one of the soft weapons. Long ago, when hunting, man used vine rope to tie stone balls and throw them so as... Add to Cart. Meridian Axe Couple. £34.99. Meridian Axe Couple £34.99. Zi Wu Yuan Yang You. Sold in pairs. Length 33cm. Wushu original competition weapon. Ideal for training or as a decorative ...

Martial Arts Double Headed Nine Section Wing Chun Whip ...

Martial Arts Double Headed Nine Section Wing Chun Whip Kung Fu Training Whip. Product Description. Warm tip: here is a manual measurement of sample size (about), measurement may have some errors. Refer to the actual product. thank you. Product material: stainless steel double end whip / cotton rope double joint whip Cotton cord double end whip: Total length: 150 cm / 15.7 in Whip head length ...

Kungfudirect.com Providing High quality Wushu Supplies

KungFuDirect.com is a direct importer of high quality martial arts supplies including KungFu, Wushu, Tai Chi, Weapons, Shoes, Videos, and Weapons. We carry Swords, Bo ...

Kung Fu Wushu 9 Section Whip Chain: Amazon.de: DVD & Blu-ray

9 Section Whip Chain Jiangsu Wushu Team Von Jiangsu Wushu Team Auf dieser DVD demonstriert Meister Zhang Yi Rong und Fan Rei Chu die Techniken des Whip Chain. Meister Zhang Yen ist National Champion im Twin Hook.

Shaolin Fo Han Kung Fu – Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Ireland

The nine-section whip is one of the Shaolin soft weapons. It has a great fame as the "dragon in weapons." Most of Shaolin fighting monks practice this weapon.


Nine-Section Whip and Rope Dart, it claims that according to folklore, this weapon was first used by General Du Mu of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - 24 AD) to dismount General Cheng Peng from horse top. In Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming's book: Ancient Chinese Weapons, it claims that the earliest record of the rope dart is from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). Regardless of precisely when and who first ...

KungFu.Life - Nine section whip and butterfly kick was...

Nine section whip and butterfly kick was demonstrated in london If you interesting to learn Shaolin Kung fu with me, welcome visit our website...

Rope dart– Chinese Sword store

Whip Meteor hammer Rope dart Spear Longquan Celadon Sword accessories Sign in; Create an Account; Home ... Rope dart,Stainless steel,Chinese martial arts equipment Distribution,kung fu. Sale price $35 00 $35.00. Save $10 Rope dart,Stainless steel,Chinese Kung fu,Diamond. Sale price $29 99 $29.99. Save $0.01 Rope Dart/Sheng biao/Chinese wushu Taichi equipment/Stainless steel/Kung fu. Sale price ...

9 Section Whip Chain Jiangsu Wushu Team - Budoten

9 Section Whip Chain Jiangsu Wushu Team #2086541. keine Bewertungen | bewerten. Artikelnummer: 2086541 Verkaufsrang: 6158 . verfügbar ab Zentrallager - versandfertig in 4-6 Werktagen, Eilservice möglich. nur 24, 99 € inkl. Mwst. + ...

Chinese Kung fu Spears - Total Martial Art Supplies

Chinese Kung fu Spears, Kung fu Snake Spears, Traditional Kung fu Spear, Kung fu Spear, Kung fu Spear with Tassels, Tai Chi Spear Head, Wushu Spear Head, Kung fu Spear Head on Total Martial Art Supplies . Phone: (610) 805-4835. Register; Log in; Shopping cart (0) Wishlist (0) You have no items in your shopping cart. Home page; New products; Search; My account; Blog; Contact us; Categories ...

Shaolin Leather Whip for Chinese Kung Fu Styles inc ...

Also known as the Shepherd’s Whip or muyang bian in Chinese, the Shaolin Leather Whip is first noted in history during the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) when Kublai Khan prohibited martial arts practice. Training with the Shaolin Leather whip develops arm and shoulder strength and teaches how to expand the chest and cultivate qi the Shaolin way.

kung fu– Chinese Sword store

Chinese swords,There are five weapons that every warrior learned to use in ancient China, including the spear, halberd, and staff. The Dao (sabre) and Jian (sword) complete this

9 Section - Metal Whip - Kung Fu - $26.78

Taiji Kung Fu Qigong Stick - 3 Sections. More details. Linen Tai Chi Qigong Suit. More details. Black Feiyue Kung Fu Shoes. More details. Crepe Training Trousers. More details . Additional Images. Forthcoming Events. Sat - 07/03/20 - 08/03/20. Deyin Level 1 Refrehser weekend with Re-validation opportunity . Sat - 18/04/20. Easter Tai Chi & Qigong Festival . Sat - 19/04/20. Tui Na - Push and ...

Nine Section Whip Chain, Thick Width - DragonSports.eu

This model with nine sections is heavy with thick segments, it is suitable for traditional «Jiu Jie Bian» practice. Sash is optional. This weapon is more suitable for experienced practitioners, for both wushu training and competition. Sash is optional. - Number of section / segments : 9 - Overall length : 135cm - Weight : 610g

Kung Fu Madness : kungfu

For me there is a "spectrum" of types of focus (or lack of focus) when I do kung fu, especially qi gong forms. I myself practice Shaolin kung fu, mostly for my health but I want to take it as far as I can take it in terms of spirituality, martial arts skill/ability, physical strength/endurance, etc.

9- Section Wushu Whip Chain - MartialArtSmart.com

Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine Memorabilia ; Dojo Magazine ; Dojang Magazine ... 9- Section Wushu Whip Chain. Item Code: 45-29N. Order Price $19.99 Web Price $18.99. You Save: $1 (5%) Qty.: Add to Cart. Shipping. Email. twitter; facebook; pinterest; Toll Free 1-800-824-2433. Skip to the end of the images gallery . Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . Product Details . Product Details. This ...

Combat Steel Whip Chain- 9 Section - Academy Of Karate ...

Combat Steel Whip Chain- 9 Section $ 26.99. Out of stock . SKU: TC45-29 Categories: Chinese Martial Arts Weapons, Iron Whip & Whip Chains, Weapons. Description Additional information Description. Combat Steel Whip Chains Chrome-plated combat steel. Each section has a length of 3 1/2″. Nine-section: Overall length-56″. Weight-1 lb. 6.5 oz. Additional information. item number: TC4529. author ...

Sticks & Swords - Kung Fu Sword

Chinese Martial Arts Shaolin Stainless Steel Nine Section Whip Kung Fu(142cm) $ 49. Buy It Now. $29 Shipping. Condition: New. Location: China. Martial Art Tai Chi Kung Fu Fighting Fan Steel Frame w/Dragon Black, Blue or Red $ 15.99. Buy It Now. $0 Shipping. Condition: New. Location: Stratford,NJ,USA. ProForce Plastic Tai-Chi Sword Acrylonitrile Butadiene Kung Fu Wushu Weapon $ 73.91. Buy It ...

Shaolin Whip - MartialArtSmart.com

Also known as the Shepherd s Whip (muyang bian 牧羊鞭), it came into the Shaolin curriculum back in the Yuan Dynasty (1271 1368) when Kublai Khan prohibited martial arts practice. According to legend, the Shaolin abbot, Fuyu, found favor with the Yuan and was permitted to develop Shaolin kung fu, including whip techniques from shepherds from Gansu Province. Training whip develops arm and ...

9 Section Whip Chain - MMA | Tai Chi | Viet Vo Dao | Kung Fu

China Wushu Kung Fu 9 section whip chain - Your order shipped within 24 hours - CLUBS, reduced prices reserved for you throughout the year - MEMBERS, reduced prices to reward your fidelity to our shop. - Purchases out of Eureopean Union are calcuted VAT exempted. Great for beginners, kids or wushu practitioners. Comes with a black carrying pouch. Weight: 850 gr, total length 160 cm. Certains ...

Shaolin Kung Fu articles

Reflections: How to Practice Shaolin Kung Fu by Shifu Guolin....read more. Shaolin Nine Section (Chain Whip) by Shifu Guolin....read more. Shaolin Spear Form by Shifu Guolin....read more. Staff: The Mother of All Weapons by Shifu Guolin....read more. Meihua Zhuang - The Poles of Plum Blossom, by Shifu Guolin....read more . Ba Duan Jin By Shi Guolin....read more. Chan Tales....read more. Home ...

Wushu Soft Weapons - KungFuDirect.com

Just like the whip chain, high hand-eye coordination is a must for the practitioner to do this weapo.. $29.00 . Quick View. Add to Cart. Quick View. Add to Cart. SF008 - Three Section Staff - 三节棍 . Essentially this weapon consist of three sections linked together with chains, and is used with both.. ...

Weapons — Chuan Tao Kung Fu

Kung Fu Training | Seattle Martial Arts | Renton Martial Arts. Weapons. Three-Sectional Staff. A Chinese flail weapon that consists of three wooden or metal staffs connected by metal rings or rope. The staves can be spun to gather momentum resulting in a powerful strike, or their articulation can be used to strike over or around a shield or other defensive block. Nine Section Chain Whip. The ...

Kung Fu: 9 Section Whip Chain

9 Section Whip Chain Kung Fu DVD. Téléchargez des films pour 9.99 Euros seulement !

What is Wushu? - Kung Fu School

Kung fu School is providing the detailed information of kung fu, kung fu basics to advance techniques, kung fu styles (forms) and sparring techniques, traditional kung fu as well as competition level kung fu (Wushu). Kung fu school is focused to provide a step by step process to practice kung fu.

STL Shaolin Temple ART Center - Kung Fu & Tai Chi

Search this site. STL Shaolin Temple ART Center. Welcome

Kungfu Titanium Alloy Bamboo Festival Nine-section Whip ...

Kung Fu China WuShu Soft Whip 18 Section Whip Training Perform Fitness Equipment. AU $107.11. Free shipping . Wing chun kung fu stainless steel nine-point whip martial arts performance . AU $54.34 + AU $9.61 shipping . Wushu 9 section Chain Whip , Kung-Fu, Shaolin, Weapon, Martial arts, Chrome New. AU $25.01. Free shipping . Picture Information. Opens image gallery. Image not available. Have ...

kung fu styles self defence kung fu martial art

Kung fu is a popular self defense fighting system that has been effective protective fighting form to learn for any age or gender as well as a good way to keep fit in the mind, body and spirit. Find a general kung fu club in your area or find a wing chun kung fu club.

Neunteilige Peitsche light

Neunteilige Peitsche light: Klassische neunteilige Peitsche (Jiujiebian). Stahlausführung mit geschweißten Ringen. Griff rutschfest umwickelt, freies ...

Wushu Chain Whip - Lightweight Whip Chain - Chinese Kung ...

Kung Fu Chain Whip Highlights: 3" Metal Rods Joined by Rings; Chrome-Plated Steel ; Four Inch Handle; Two Length Options: 7 Section Chain Whip: 43" long (7 oz) 9 Section Chain Whip: 52" long (8 oz) Perfect for Disarming, Choking, and Tripping; Includes Black Nylon Carrying Case; Due to the extreme risk of injury when practicing this weapon, please practice with caution. For maximum safety, you ...

Kung Fu | Performing Arts - Quizizz

Kung Fu DRAFT. a day ago by. vilb26_52783. K. Performing Arts. Played 1 times. 0 likes. 100% average accuracy. 0. Save. Edit. Edit. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Report an issue; Live modes. Start a live quiz . Classic . Students progress at their own pace and you see a leaderboard and live results. Instructor-paced BETA . Control the pace so everyone advances through each question together ...

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